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MyActivityMaker has added free printable BINGO cards to our set of free printables. Every time you click the link below it will generate a new PDF version of a bingo card (which means it will generate a unique card each time).

Click the link below to get your free printable Bingo card.

Free Printable Bingo Card

Soon we will be adding the ability to generate multiple bingo cards at one time.

Directions for Playing BINGO:
Players are provided a BINGO card with a 5 x 5 grid corresponding to the five letters in the word B-I-N-G-O.
Numbers such as B-2 or 0-68 are then drawn at random and called out to the players by the Caller until one player completes a 'Bingo'.
Standard BINGO patterns are a line with five numbers in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row on one of their cards the first person to complete this pattern wins a prize and wins the prize.
In addition to the standard BINGO pattern there are many other possible patterns which can be played. Such as:

  • Letters (C, E, T, F, N, O, X, etc...)
  • Clover leaf (4 in each corner)
  • Plus Sign
  • Outside Frame
  • Full Card (Blackout Bingo)