Family Beach Scavenger Hunt

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A great family activity to do at the beach. Fun for all ages, but you will need at least one person 18+ in the group. Email your scavenger hunt pictures to us at and we might post them on this site! If you like this activity, try our Tic Tac Toe Beach Towel - perfect to take to the beach!

What You'll Need:
*Fun attitude and sense of humor!
*Digital Camera
*Family Beach Hunt attachment below (And a copy of the answers, but no peeking!)
*Cell phone
*Pen and paper

*Print out a copy of each attachment -- either Word document or PDF.

*Follow the clues and answer the questions! Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!

Suggested Resources:
*Need a beach to do your scavenger hunting? See the Travel Channel's list of best beaches and pick the one closest to you!
*The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers educational information, beach locators, and suggestions for planning a beach trip.

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Family Beach HuntAnswers.pdf49.04 KB
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