Easy Tangrams for Younger Children

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Tangrams are an ancient Chinese puzzle that takes 7 geometric shapes which you can then use to create various shapes. We’ve taken the traditional tangram and made it into a simple arts & crafts activity for kids ages 3 to 5.

What You’ll Need:
*Construction paper
*White paper

*Cut various shapes in different sizes and colors out of construction paper.

*Have your children use the shapes and colors to create different images.
*Once they have their picture laid out on the white paper, glue each piece down in place.

Suggested Resources:
http://Tangrams.ca : A great site for actual tangrams – includes history, printables, and online tangram games.
http://www.squidoo.com/tangram-activities -- Why tangrams? This site will tell you why tangram puzzles are a great educational activity and give you ideas for making your own.

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