Alice the Fairy -- Story & Craft

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Alice is a practicing to be a fairy – she can turn her white dress red, make herself invisible, and can turn her Dad into a horse. But she can’t quite get her dog to float or her clothes to dance into her closet. Read the very cute story Alice the Fairy and make one of these two cute crafts – Alice’s fairy wand or the crown she makes for her dad, the Duke.

What You’ll Need:
*Alice the Fairy by David Shannon
*Construction paper
*Stickers, stick-on jewels, feathers, beads, ribbon, dried pasta, etc.
*Clear tape & glue
*Base for the wand: pencil, dried up marker, stick, etc.

*For the crown: cut a crown out of construction paper.

*For the wand: cut a star (about 5 inches at its widest point) out of construction paper.

*Read Alice the Fairy out loud.
*To make the crown, have the children decorate with beads, feathers, stick-on jewels, pasta, or just color it. Place the crown over the child’s forehead and tape together at the back.

*To make the wand: Have the children decorate the star with beads, jewels, or by coloring it. Tape one point of the star to the base for the wand (pencil, marker, stick, etc.) Wrap a piece of ribbon around the base and glue or tape in place. Add ribbons to the top of the star, if you’d like.

Suggested Resources: : Get Alice the Fairy for less then $6! : Meet author & illustrator David Shannon and see a video interview

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