Water Experiments, Part 1

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Too hot to go outside? No problem! Bring the water indoors with these fun science experiments. If you like this craft, you’ll also like our Bubble Unit which has crafts and experiments you can do with bubbles.

Water Slide
What You’ll Need:
*Tray or other hard surface that can get wet
*Food coloring, optional

*We added a drop or two of red food coloring to the shampoo and blue food coloring to the water so that we could more easily differentiate between them.
*Discuss: You will be putting one drop of each liquid onto the tray and then tilting it up like a slide. Which liquid will reach the bottom first? second? third? Why do you think this? What are some other liquids you could use for this experiment? Try it -- what happens?

*Keeping the tray level, put a dime-size drop of each liquid on one end of the tray.

*Now tilt that end of the tray up and watch the liquids race down the slide!

*Try tilting the "slide" at different angles and using different liquids to see if that changes anything. Also, use different textures for your slide -- does a smooth surface or rough surface work best?

Water Transfer
What You’ll Need:
*Large bowl of water
*Measuring cup
*Food coloring, optional
*Household items to soak up water or carry water, such as clothing, sponges, cloths, wax paper, paper towels, etc.

*We added a drop or two of blue food coloring to the water so that we could more easily measure it.
*Discuss: You will use the various items to transfer water from the bowl to the measuring cup. Which item will hold the most water? Why?

*Take one of your household items and immerse it into the large bowl of water. Allow it to soak up the water for a few seconds.

A child's sock

*Quickly pull the item out of the bowl of water and squeeze all the water into the measuring cup. How much water were you able to collect? Dump the water from the cup back into the bowl.

A knitted washcloth

*Which item transferred the most water? What are some other household items you could use that would hold even more water?

wax paper

Sink or Float
What You’ll Need:
*Large bowl of water
*Various household items that might sink or float

*Discuss: This is the classic science fair project -- predict which items will sink or float. Talk about each item before you put it in the water. Do you think it will sink or float and why?

*Put each item into the water one at a time. Was your prediction for each item correct?

*Does it change anything if you put the item into an empty bowl and then add the water? What happens to the water level when you put ALL the items in? Some items will float, but if you push down on them, they will sink. Will any of your items do this?

Blue Water Rising
What You’ll Need:
*Large bowl of water
*Food coloring (blue)
*Paper towel, in strips

*Add a drop or two of food coloring to the water.
*Put just the end of the paper towel strip into the water. Water doesn't usually go UP, so why does it rise on this paper towel?

*What other materials can you use?

*Send us a picture of your kids doing their experiments and we may post it to our site! info@mycalendarmaker.com.

Suggested Resources:
*For more information on why things sink or float, as well as more sink or float experiment ideas, check out Brain Pop Jr.'s Sink or Float page
*Did you know? The reason paper towels absorb water is because of sugar! Read more by clicking here.

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