Valentine Mailboxes

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Have your child create a mailbox that suits their style and personality to collect their Valentines this year! (Thanks to Peggy L. for submitting her children’s boxes: Meg, Henry, & Matthew.)

What You’ll Need:
*markers/crayons/colored pencils/paint
*wrapping paper or brown kraft paper (optional)
*craft supplies such as stickers, pipe cleaners, glitter, construction paper, stamps, etc.

*Cut a hole in the top or side of the box for the Valentines to be delivered. Tape the lid to the box.

*If you want to cover your entire box with paper before decorating, use the wrapping paper or brown kraft paper. Wrap as you would a gift, making sure to cut a slit in the wrapping paper where the valentines will go into the box.
*Decoration ideas:
--Use pipe cleaners to spell out your name or create three-dimensional shapes
--Use stickers to decorate the box.
--Cut heart shapes out of construction paper and glue on
--Color or paint the box (don’t forget your name)

Suggested Resources:
free printable valentines
• History of Valentine’s Day from the History Channel.

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