Tic Tac Toe Towel

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Perfect to take to the beach or just to play in your front yard! If you like this craft, you’ll also like our Family Beach Scavenger Hunt - a great family game to play while at the beach.

What You’ll Need:
*Fabric paint
*Foam paintbrush
*Painter's tape (optional)
*Washcloths (5 each of two different colors), yarn, sand (optional)

*Learn the rules of Tic Tac Toe and play some practice games with our printable Tic Tac Toe boards.
*For young children who will be painting, we recommend using the painter's tape to tape off the towel so that your child can paint within the tape edges to form the tic tac toe board.

*With the foam paintbrush and fabric paint, paint the lines of the tic tac toe board.

*Allow to dry before removing tape.

*Meanwhile, if you are at the beach, you can collect items to use for X's and O's. For example, you can collect sticks to use for one player and shells to use for another. You'll want five of each.
*OR, you can drop a handful of sand into the center of the washcloth. Tie closed with the yarn.

*Send us a picture of your kids playing their game and we may post it to our site! info@mycalendarmaker.com.

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