What Kind of Dinosaur is a Thesaurus?

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Teach your child the concepts of synonyms and antonyms using this Thesaurus Dinosaur activity. Match the Mommy thesaurus dinosaur to its baby synonyms.

What You’ll Need:
*Thesaurus Dinosaur sheet below, two per activity.
*Thesaurus, optional

*Print out two copies of the Thesaurus Dinosaur sheet below (either PDF or MS Word version). Cut out the dinosaurs.
*If you have a thesaurus, show it to your child and explain that they help us find words that mean the same thing (synonyms) and words that are opposites (antonyms).

*Choose two words that are opposites. Write one word on each of the LARGE dinosaurs – the Mommy thesaurus dinosaur. For this activity, we are using the words “tall” and “short”. Feel free to use our example or create your own.
*Come up with synonyms for each of these words. For short, we used “little,” “low,” and “small.” For tall, we used “large,” “high,” and “big.” Write one word on each of the SMALL dinosaurs – the baby thesaurus dinosaurs.
*Show your child the two Mommy dinosaurs. Tell them that these are thesaurus dinosaurs and are going to help us with synonyms and antonyms. Explain how “tall” and “short” are opposites. (To reinforce this idea, stand next to your child and show you are “tall”, while they are “short”.)
*Now using the “short” Mommy dinosaur , show your child ALL of the baby dinosaurs with words on them. Only the babies that are synonyms of the word “short” go with that Mommy dinosaur. Read all of the words on the baby dinosaurs and help your child determine which words are synonyms of “short”. Put these baby dinosaurs with their Mommy. Now show how the remaining words are synonyms of “tall” and go with that Mommy dinosaur.

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Suggested Resources:
Thesaurus.com -- If you don’t have a thesaurus on hand, use this site to help you find synonyms and antonyms.
The American Heritage Children's Thesaurus -- available at amazon.com

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