TicTacToe Garden Stone

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A decorative garden stone that doubles as a TicTacToe board for the kids to play with! (Note: This activity will take more than one day to complete.) If you like this craft, check out our Hide A Rock Game - which also uses painted rocks.

What You’ll Need:
*Plaster of Paris
*Wooden stick, such as a large popsicle stick
*Square plastic tray, 10x10 or larger
*Colored decorative stones (or small painted stones)
*Paint & paintbrushes
*10 small rocks, about the width of a half dollar (to use as playing pieces)
*Plastic gloves

*If you don’t have any colored decorative stones to use to make the board, paint some small rocks. Allow to dry.
*For the playing pieces, clean and dry the 10 small rocks. Paint 5 of them one color and 5 another color. These will take the place of your Xs and Os. Allow to dry.

*Mix the Plaster of Paris with water in the square plastic tray, according to package directions. Wear gloves and use the wood stick to stir. Smooth out the top. You’ll need to work quickly so it doesn’t dry out.
*Use the clean edge of the stick to lightly draw the lines of the TicTacToe board. Decorate the lines with the small colored stones (not the rocks you painted for your playing pieces). Push the rocks gently into the plaster.

*Allow to dry at least overnight.
*Use paint to add more decoration to your board. Allow to dry. Gently pop the board out of the plastic tray. Now you’re ready to play TicTacToe!

*Send us a picture of your kids and their wind chimes we may post it to our site! info@mycalendarmaker.com.

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