Summer Camp T-Shirts

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Get the month of Summer Camp activities off to a great start with these cute camp t-shirts! If you like this craft, check out our Bleach T-Shirts which are another great, easy way to create a T-Shirt.

What You’ll Need:
*Freezer Paper
*X-acto knife or scissors
*T-shirt to decorate
*Fabric Paint
*Foam paint brushes

*Decide on a simple design to use on your shirt. Because you will be making a stencil with the freezer paper, you want the design to be simple enough to cut out easily.

*On the non-shiny side of the freezer paper, have your child draw a simple design outline. Use an X-acto knife or scissors to cut out the center of the design (we recommend a parent does this) so that you’ll have a stencil.
*Turn the stencil over and place the shiny side down on the center of the front of the t-shirt.
*Parents: iron on low heat.
*Once cool, your child can paint inside the stencil with fabric paints. Be careful as these paints will stain the clothes they are wearing.
*Allow to dry – use a hair dryer to speed it up.
*Carefully remove the freezer paper.
*Be sure to read the instructions on the fabric paint for washing and setting information.
*Send us a picture of your kids and their camp shirts we may post it to our site!

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