Star of David Craft

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Need a fun, easy craft that your child can give as a Hanukkah gift? Make our Star of David craft and you can customize it to whatever craft supplies you have on hand! Makes a beautiful window hanging.

What You’ll Need:
*Popsicle sticks (6 per craft)
*Paint, glitter, beads, etc.

*Paint the popsicle sticks and allow to dry completely.
*Show your child how a Star of David is really just two inverted triangles. You can have them practice their triangles on some paper while waiting for the popsicle sticks to dry.

*If your child is very young, you’ll want to glue the popsicle sticks into triangle shapes before decorating. Using three for each triangle, glue the ends of each stick and arrange into a triangle shape. You’ll need two triangles per craft. Once these are somewhat dry, glue one triangle on top of the other (one with point up, one with point down). Allow glue to dry before decorating.
*Once you have a Star of David prepared for each child, they can decorate with glitter, beads, or more paint! Be careful when decorating as these stars are fragile.
*Once your Star of David is dry, tie a piece of ribbon through the top point of the star. Hang on your window and enjoy!!

Suggested Resources:
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