Stained Glass Shamrock

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Make these beautiful stained glass shamrocks to bring the “luck o’ the Irish” into any room of your house! If you like this craft, check out our Shamrock Necklaces – another great craft for St. Patrick’s Day.

What You’ll Need:
*Clear contact paper
(Glad Press ‘n’ Seal will work in a pinch, but contact paper is a little easier to handle and a bit more translucent.)
*Green & white tissue paper or crepe paper
*Dry erase Marker
*Green or black paper
*Hole Punch

*Cut a large rectangle out of contact paper – make it double the height of what you want the final shamrock to be. Do not remove the backing. Using the dry erase marker, draw a shamrock on the top half of the contact paper (not the backing). (Once you have filled in the shamrock, you will be able to wipe the marker away.)

*If your child is using scissors, have them cut up the tissue paper/crepe paper into small squares. If they aren’t, you can help them tear the paper into small pieces instead.
*Peel the backing from the top half of the contact paper to expose the sticky side. You should be able to see the shamrock you drew.
*Fill in the shamrock with the tissue paper.
*Remove the rest of the backing and fold the contact paper in half so that you are sandwiching the tissue paper between the two sticky sides. Smooth it out and wipe off the dry erase marker. Trim if needed.
*Cut strips of green or black paper and glue around your shamrock to make a frame.
*Punch two holes in the top and add yarn to hang.
*Send us a picture of your kids and their stained glass shamrocks and we may post it to our site!

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This activity can be found in the Holidays section of our site.