Looking for Spring Crafts & Activities?

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If you like the crafts listed here, you'll love our April activities! Check out our April Activity-a-Day Calendar and come back and visit our site for directions and photos of the activities or crafts you'd like to do with your kids! Our April theme is "Animal Babies", plus we've got some great holiday ideas for Passover and Easter.

Chicks in a Basket - (ages 3 to 6) Use leftover Easter grass and some simple shapes to create this adorable craft.

Bunny Patch Shirts - Whether you're covering up a stain or decorating a plain shirt, use iron on patches in fun and creative ways!

Spring Craft: Baa, Baa Black Sheep - (ages 2 to 6) Teach your child the "Baa, Baa, Black Sheep" nursery rhyme and make your very own black sheep!

Animal Doorstop - (ages 4 to 10) Make these adorable animal doorstops -- but your kids may prefer to play with them than to use them on their doors!

Bird Feeder - (ages 4 to 10) Re-use plastic bottles to make a bird feeder.

Rainbow Mobile - (ages 2 to 6) Don't wait for Mother Nature to brighten up your day with a rainbow! Make these simple Rainbow Mobiles and have a rainbow any time you want one.

What's the Weather - (ages 3 to 6) A great activity for preschoolers who are getting interested in the weather!

Glitter Sun - (ages 2 to 5) Even the littlest kids can make this sunny craft!

Spring Craft: From Seed to Flower - (ages 2 to 8) With the warmer weather coming in, it’s time to plant flowers! It can be hard for young children to be patient as their seeds grow into plants. While they wait, do this great activity that shows them the progression of seed to flower.

Spring Craft: Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly - (ages 2 to 8) Make this beautiful butterfly while discussing the benefits of recycling and reusing household items!

Spring Craft: Cupcake Garden - (ages 2 to 5) Spring is here! Get ready to plant your garden by doing this Cupcake Garden craft using pictures of your children and cupcake liners.

Earth Day/Spring Craft: Cow Seeds - (all ages) Great Earth Day Activity! This is a fun activity for kids of all ages and is a great opportunity to explain how plants grow. Also makes a great novelty gift.

Flower Petal Bookmarks - (ages 4 and up) Does Mom love to read? Make her a bookmark using her favorite flowers!

Photo Flower Bookmarks - (ages 2 to 8) Use pictures of children or grandchildren to make a bookmark that will be a cherished keepsake.

Flower Pens - (ages 5 & up) Give that special Mom in your life flowers that she can keep forever! A fun way to keep your pens from disappearing – and pretty enough to leave out!

Snowflake Flowers - (ages 4 & up) If your spring flowers haven’t bloomed yet, make these fun easy flowers at home to give to someone special!

Mother's Day: Flower Picture Magnets - (ages 7 to 10) Make these pretty flower magnets using the kids’ pictures. A perfect gift or just to hang on your fridge.

Spring Craft: "Hand"-made Spring Flowers - (ages 1 to 5) These "hand"-made flowers are guaranteed to get everyone in the mood for spring! They make a great gift for grandparents, too!

Create a Storybook - (ages 3 and up) Use paper bags to create versatile storybooks that you can use for just about anything! Make up a story for Mom and give her a personalized book for Mother's Day.

Fabric Wreath - (ages 10 & up) A beautiful wreath to decorate for any holiday or season. Use Mom's favorite colors or patterns.

Hands of Love - (all ages) A hands-on craft that makes the perfect gift!

Baby Burp Cloths - (ages 12 and up) Do you know a new Mom or Mom-to-be? These fashionable burp cloths are easy to make and are a perfect homemade baby gift!

Bleach T-Shirts - (ages 3+) A great way for kids to make a t-shirt design for themselves or as a gift.