Snowman Measuring Stick

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This year has been one for record snowfalls in much of the United States – and winter’s not over yet! If it’s still snowing where you are, create this Snowman Measuring Stick and once it stops, go out and measure the snow together! If you like this craft, check out our Popsicle Snowman.

What You’ll Need:
*Paint stir stick (you can get them for free in any paint department)
*White paint
*Crayons or Markers
*Black and white paper

*Cut a white circle for the face, and a hat out of the black paper.

*Paint the stick white. Allow to dry.
*Meanwhile, draw a snowman’s face on the white circle, and glue the hat to the top.
*Glue the snowman’s face and hat to the stick. Allow to dry.
*Line up the stir stick and ruler so that the bottoms are even. Use the pencil to lightly mark each inch or centimeter.
*Use markers or crayons to go over the lines and add the corresponding numbers.
*Send us a picture of your kids measuring some snow with their new snowman measuring sticks we may post it to our site!

Suggested Resources:
*Snow Days: If you are stuck in the snow, here are more great books, crafts, and activities perfect for a snowy (and even a not-so-snowy) day.
*The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats at

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