Snowflake Flowers

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If your spring flowers haven’t bloomed yet, make these fun easy flowers at home to give to someone special!

What You’ll Need:
*Old magazines
*Hole punch or sharp pencil

*Go through the magazines and find pages that have a lot of color – full-page ads work well. You will need two pages per flower.
*If your child has never cut a snowflake out of a quarter-fold piece of paper before, you want to practice on a piece of regular white paper first.

*Place the magazine pages one on top of the other so that the least colorful sides face in together and the most colorful sides face out, so you’ll have a double-thickness when you are cutting. Fold the pages together into quarters. With the hole punch or sharp pencil, punch a small hole near the folded corner of the pages. For details around the outside of your flower, cut along the unfolded edges. For details inside of your flower, cut along the folded edges (but be careful not to cut all the way through to the other side). Do not unfold the pages at any time during the cutting.
*Wind the pipecleaner through the small hole that you punched in the folded corner and fasten it back around to itself. This is the stem of your flower. Now gently pull apart the pages of the magazine to create the flower.

*Send us a picture of your snowflake flowers and we may post it to our site!

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