Snow Day Activities, Books, & Crafts

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With much of the United States having record-breaking snowfalls this winter, here are some great ideas for you to do with your kids, whether you are stuck inside or can get out to enjoy the winter wonderland. Don't have snow? That's OK, skip down to our indoor activity and books. If you like this activity, check out our Snowman Measuring Stick.

What You’ll Need:
*Sport Water Bottles (the kind that only squirt when squeezed)
*Food Coloring
*Cotton Balls
*Old magazines
*Hat, scarf, buttons, carrot & other snow man trimmings
*Construction paper – one white sheet, one blue sheet

*Get bundled up for the two outdoor activities! Then come in and warm up with our indoor activity and books.

Outdoor Activity #1 – Snow Painting:
*Fill the water bottles with water and add drops of food coloring. Use the water bottles outside in the snow to make pictures or words. Try mixing colors and see what you come up with. Be prepared, kids love this activity and use up the water FAST so always have more on hand.

Outdoor Activity #2 – Build an educational snowman:
*While building your snowman, practice placement words with your child. For example: The snowman’s hat goes on “top” of his head. The scarf goes “around” his neck. Have your child stand “behind” or in “front” of the snowman, or to the “left” and “right.”
*When adding his buttons, have your child count them out loud. If you have multi-colored buttons, say the colors as you put them on.

Indoor Activity #1 – Snowman craft:
*Glue cotton balls on a blue sheet of paper to create the ground covered in snow. Then use the white construction paper to cut out the three circles for your snowman. Take a moment to show your child how the circles are “big, bigger, biggest” and put them in size order. Glue the snowman on your blue paper.
*Use pictures from magazines to accessorize your snowman – hats, scarves, mittens, etc. Glue them on to your snowman.

Book #1 - Snowballs by Lois Ehlert:
Don’t live in a snowy climate? Read Snowballs by Lois Ehlert
and create a snowman out of collage materials from nature – leaves, sticks, treebark, etc.

Book #2 - The Snowman by Raymond Briggs:
Read The Snowman by Raymond Briggs
– a wordless book – and talk with your child about where they would like to fly with a snowman that comes alive. Come up with your own words for this story.

Book #3 - Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner:
Read Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner
and talk about what you think snowmen do at night. Have your child draw a picture.

Book #4 - Snow Day by Ezra Jack Keats:
Read The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats
and act out the things that Peter does in the story. Try doing these things outside, too!

Don't forget to send us a picture of your version of our craft: -- we may post it on our site!

Suggested Resources:
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• Print out and color our Winter Coloring Page

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