September 2011 Activity-A-Day Calendar

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It's Back To School time! We've got a month's worth of ideas to get you ready, organized, and excited for school! As with August's calendar, you'll see more descriptions of each activity and craft. And again, we will be posting a description of almost every daily activity on our calendar! Check our site a few days before each craft is listed, and you'll see the whole week's activities on our main page with photos, directions, and suggested resources for many of them.

At My Activity Maker we understand that kids require entertainment and activity every day. But we also know that as a busy parent or caregiver, you don't always have time to spend hours and hours on crafts, games, and activities. So we have come up with a new feature: our Activity-A-Day Calendar. Three days a week we provide crafts, games, or activities that are or will be posted at My Activity Maker and will require the usual amount of cutting, gluing, and reading that our posts typically have. The other four days, we will include some fun, easy activities or games that you can do right then and preparation necessary!

You'll notice the file is in a user-friendly PDF format and we've added more color, themed crafts, and no repeats! Click on the attachment below and ENJOY!! If you have any questions, just contact us.

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