The Scrambled States of America Story & Activity

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Kansas is bored, so Nebraska helps organize a party for the states to meet. When the states decide to switch places, things get a bit crazy! Nevada and Mississippi fall in love, Minnesota gets sunburnt after switching with Florida, and Kansas gets a little lonely out in Hawaii’s spot. Soon, everyone is ready to go home. Kids will love learning geography with these silly states.

What You’ll Need:
*The Scrambled States of America by Laurie Keller
*United States Map
*Highlighter/colored pencil/crayon

*Print out a map of the United States at

*Read The Scrambled States of America out loud.
*As you read each state’s name, have children highlight it or color it in.
*Cut the states out and have the children rearrange them in whatever way they think will work out best! Don’t forget to put all the states back in their original spot.
*Work on concepts such as North, South, East, and West while moving states around.
*Try arranging the states alphabetically and see what kind of map we would have then!
*Take a picture of your scrambled states and email them to us at -- we may even post your picture at My Activity Maker!

Suggested Resources:
• Get the Scrambled States game by Gamewright for more fun after you read the book! Available anywhere that sells games, or online at, etc. : Get a copy of The Scrambled States of America for less than $1, plus shipping. : Looking for more printable maps? This site has printable maps for everything – precipitation, congressional districts, general maps, etc.

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