11 Road Trip Activities

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Going on a road trip this summer? Use these great activities, games, and printables to keep your kids happy while riding along in your automobile! If you like this activity, check out our ideas for a park survival kit.

You can print out this entire sheet of ideas by clicking here

What You’ll Need:
*Coloring pages/coloring book
*US Map
*Bingo sheets, see below
*Tic-Tac-Toe sheets
*Dots & Boxes sheets
*Clear Ziploc bags
*Sand or rice
*Small beads of various shapes, colors, figures
*Packing tape or masking tape

Activity #1: Scavenger Hunt in a Bag
*Fill a heavy-duty Ziploc bag (one per child) with sand or rice, about ¾ of the way full. (You can also double up on regular Ziploc bags.)
*Add in beads of various shapes and sizes, but keep track of which beads you are putting in. You can find beads that are shaped like animals, that have letters on them, etc. Go for a variety of shapes, sizes, colors.
*Write down the beads you put in each bag and tape the list to the outside of the bag. Seal the bag shut and reinforce with tape.
*Each child will then have to find each item on their scavenger hunt list inside their bag.

Activity #2: License Plate Game #1
*Print out a US Map - one per child - at NationalAtlas.gov.
*Watch the license plates of cars and trucks passing by and at rest stops. Color in each state you find. See who has the most states when you arrive at your destination.

Activity #3: License Plate Game #2
*Each person takes a turn calling out the letters on a license plate.
*Go around the car and each person then has to use those letters to come up with a funny phrase or sentence. For example, the letters “CTO” could stand for “Cows take over”.
*You can also have themes for your game. For example, instead of funny phrases or sentences, you might be trying to come up with funny movie titles and then give a brief description of your movie. So, “CTO” could stand for “Cows Take Over” and it could be a movie about cows taking over the world.

Activity #4: Color Game
*The first person names a color.
*Go around the car with each person naming something they see in or out of the car of that color. Keep going around. If you can’t come up with something, you are out and the others keep going. Last person to come up with something gets to name the next color.
*Example: Someone names the color “green” and each person in turn might say, “trees, grass, bushes, Daddy’s shirt,” etc.

Activity #5: Bingo
*Print out the Car Bingo sheets by clicking on one of the links below, one per person playing.
--Car Bingo: City
--Car Bingo: Country

*As you see something on your sheet, cross it off. The first person to cross them all off or the person with the most items crossed off when you reach your destination, wins.

Activity #6: Battleship
*Print out battleship sheets and instructions.

Activity #7: Song Game
*The first person says any word.
*Go around the car with each person naming a song that has that word in it. If the word is not in the title, you must sing the line of the song that has that word in it. Keep going around. If you can’t come up with something, you are out and the others keep going. Last person to come up with something gets to name the next word.
*Example: Someone says the word “star” and the songs might be, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” “When You Wish Upon a Star,” etc.

Activity #8: Tic Tac Toe
*Print out Tic-Tac-Toe sheets and instructions.

Activity #9: Coloring
*Print out a variety of coloring pages or bring a coloring book.
*Put some crayons in a Ziploc bag for each child.

Activity #10: Dots & Boxes
*Print out Dots & Boxes sheets and instructions.

Activity #11: Laugh-aWord Game
*You need at least 3 people to play this game. Player #1 chooses an ordinary word, such as “popcorn.” Player #2 has to then use that word in silly sentences or phrases until they can get Player #3 (and any other players if more than 3) to laugh. You can instill a time limit if it’s taking too long.
*Now, Player #3 chooses the word and Player #1 has to make Player #2 laugh using that word, etc.

Suggested Resources:
* The Little Road Trip Handbook

*Going to Cleveland, OH or Princeton, NJ? Use these great scavenger hunts once you get there! Cleveland Scavenger Hunt, Princeton Scavenger Hunt

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