Pumpkin Carving Templates

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Looking for some cute animal pumpkin carving templates? Here are some printable templates that you can use to create your very own animal carvings for your pumpkins. Included with this post: pig, bear, cat.

What You’ll Need:
*Animal template, see attachment below
*Hollowed out pumpkin
*Paper towel
*Washable Marker
*Small, sharp knife such as a paring knife or pumpkin carving knife kit

*Print the animal template, see attachment below
*Thoroughly wash and dry the outside of your pumpkin. It must be completely dry before you can use the marker.

*Using scissors, cut out all the black areas on your printed animal template. These will be the same areas you cut out of your pumpkin
*Use pushpins to attach the template to the pumpkin where you want the carving to be.
*Using the template like a stencil, use the marker to draw on the design. If you make a mistake, wipe the marker off the pumpkin, but dry the pumpkin again thoroughly or the marker won’t write on the pumpkin.
*Remove the pushpins and template. Use the knife to cut these sections out of your pumpkin. Don’t worry if you aren’t exactly on the lines. But be careful not to cut through areas that are not colored in marker. Also, be careful not to smear the marker. Dry your hands often to be sure you don’t wipe the marker off before you are ready.
*Once you are done cutting, wipe down the whole pumpkin with a wet cloth to remove any leftover marker. Now take a picture of your cute little pumpkins (and your children, too!)

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