Potato Sacks & Park Supply Bags

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Did you know that Potato Sack races were once an Olympic sport? Make a personalized bag for children to keep all their park supplies contained in the car: balls, jacks, sunscreen, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, etc. Then use the bag for your own potato sack races! If you like this craft, check out our Summer Camp T-Shirts.

What You’ll Need:
*White muslin fabric & sewing machine OR white king-size pillow case
*Scrap fabric or ribbon
*Fabric paint
*Foam paint brushes
*Needle & thread, optional

*If you are sewing the bag out of fabric: cut out large rectangle from the muslin. You will be folding it in half to form the bag so make sure it’s big enough to come up to your child’s waist. Sew up the two long sides, leaving the top open.

*Place a piece of cardboard inside the bag so that paint won’t bleed through.
*(If you did the summer camp T-shirts craft, you can use the same technique to create a stencil for the potato sack. Or you can use the inverse of the stencil you created for your camp shirt for this craft.)
*Use masking tape to mark the area where you want your child to paint. You can also use the masking tape to mark out areas where you don’t want paint – for example, instead of painting their name on the potato sack, use masking tape to write their name. After they are done painting, you’ll peel off the tape and their name will stand out in white.

*This is a great opportunity to work with your child on spelling their name. Help them write their name, or just the first letter, on a piece of paper first. Then talk about how you could form those letters out of masking tape. Practice, then have your child do it on their pillow case. They’ll feel a real sense of accomplishment that they put their name (or first letter) on their own potato sack!
*Allow the paint to dry before removing the masking tape. Remember that fabric paint does stain so be careful when painting and removing the masking tape.
*If using scrap fabric for your handles, you’ll want two pieces about 2 inches wide by 12 inches long each. If using ribbon, you’ll want a wide ribbon about 12 inches long. Sew one handle onto each side of the pillow case -- near the side seams. For a no-sew option, you can cut a slit in the pillow case on these same sides and tie the ribbon through the hole.
*Send us a picture of your kids and their park bags/potato sacks we may post it to our site! info@mycalendarmaker.com.

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