Paper Plate UFOs

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Kids will love making these alien spaceships. When you’re finished, toss them like a Frisbee outside to see whose “flies” the furthest!

What You’ll Need:
*Small, white paper plates
*Small and large pompoms
*Stickers, crayons, markers, etc. for decoration

*For younger children, create the spaceship ahead of time by lining up outside edges of paper plates (so that top surfaces are facing each other), and staple around the edges.

*Decorate top and bottom of spaceship with markers and stickers. On the top of the spaceship, use a geometric shape such as a triangle or square to create a door or hatch. On the bottom of the spaceship, draw dots in a large circle to show the lights the spaceship uses when landing.

*Glue on the pompoms around the front edges.
*Once they are dry, toss them like a Frisbee and see whose spaceship “flies” the furthest!

Suggested Resources: : All the latest mission and astronomy news, photos, and videos : NASA’s main page – amazing pictures and lots of great space information - Free online alien game – help the alien get free – easy to play

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