Painted Pencils and Recycled Desk Organizers

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Get organized before school starts by using recycled materials – then add some flair to your pencils!

What You’ll Need:
*Cereal boxes of various sizes, empty
*Cans, clean and dry
*Wrapping paper
*Plain pencils
*Thin masking tape – 1/8 or 1/4 inch thick

*Clean up your cereal boxes by cutting around the tops.

*Small cereal boxes can be used as pencil holders. Wrap them in wrapping paper and secure with glue or tape.
*Larger cereal boxes can be used to hold papers. Cut the long sides on an angle.

*Wrap in wrapping paper and secure with glue or tape.

*For pencils: wind thin masking tape around each pencil in various ways.

*Paint the pencils. Allow to dry thoroughly.

*Remove masking tape.

*Send us a picture of your newly organized desk and we may post it to our site!

Suggested Resources:
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This activity can be found in the Arts & Crafts section of our site.