Olympic Torch

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Can’t get enough of the Olympics? Create your very own torch for the Olympic flame, hold an opening ceremony, then participate in your own Olympic games!

What You’ll Need:
*Paper towel cardboard roll
*Aluminum foil
*Olympic decorations such as stickers, or markers for decorating
*Orange construction paper or tissue paper

*Decide ahead of time which “sports” you want to have in your Olympics. Some suggestions below.

*Cover the paper towel roll in foil. Decorate with stickers or color the foil with makers. (Some suggestions: stars, Olympic rings, flags)
*Cut 2 flame shape out of the construction paper. If you use tissue paper, you can fold it in quarters, ball up the corner and lightly crinkle the rest.

*Place the construction paper or tissue paper ball into the top of the foil roll. You may need to secure with tape.
*Play the Olympic theme song as your torchbearer carries it around the room!
*Send us a picture of your torch and we may post it to our site! info@mycalendarmaker.com.
*Suggestions for Olympic games (indoors):
--Wii or other video games
--toss playing cards into a ring
--In a carpeted room with lots of space, have your child balance on a slightly deflated ball
--Balloon toss into a laundry basket
*Suggestions for Olympic games (outdoors):
--Water balloon toss
--With one person holding a hula hoop up in the air, the other person tosses something into it (ball, pool noodle, balloon, etc.)
--Crazy races
--Use empty boxes to make hurdles for racing

Suggested Resources:
• Follow Olympic coverage
Tacky and the Winter Games (Tacky the Penguin)

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