No Slip Socks

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Now that Fall is here and winter is just around the corner, the mornings can be chilly on those bare feet! And if you have children, it can be impossible to keep track of whose socks are whose. Create custom, no-slip socks so you’ll always know which socks go on which feet. Also makes a great stocking stuffer!

What You’ll Need:
*Dimensional fabric paint, also called “puffy paint” in a variety of colors
*Paper towel

*If using new socks, wash and dry the socks according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
*If you’ve never used dimensional paint, you’ll want to practice on some paper towels to get the hang of it
*Decide on a design – you can draw a simple line drawing that reflects the recipient’s interests or you can write a message.

*Arrange the socks so that the sole of the foot is facing up and as flat as possible.
*Shake the dimensional paint and turn upside down. Using the paper towel first, gently squeeze out a short line or some small dots. You are now ready to paint on the socks.
*Keep your designs simple and be sure to include some sort of design on the heel and ball of the sock where the most weight is placed when walking. If you make a mistake and can’t get the paint up, use white paint (or paint the same color as the sock) to cover it up.
*Allow to air dry for 24 hours. Follow the directions on the fabric paint, but typically you would wash the socks in cool water 72 hours after painting. We recommend turning the socks outside in before washing. Dry on low heat.

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