New Year's Resolutions -- Through the Years

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Have trouble remembering your New Year's resolutions after a few months? Find yourself making the same resolutions year after year? Here's a great way to motivate you and your family to keep your resolutions, recycle old holiday cards, and decorate next year's Christmas tree or window!

What You'll Need:
*Holiday cards that are blank on the inside front cover
*Hole punch or sharp pencil

*Explain the concept of New Year's resolutions with your children. Also come up with some predictions or wishes for the following year. Older children can write down some of theirs on scrap paper, or you can do it for your younger children.

*So that you'll have one decorative side and one blank side, cut the holiday cards into festive shapes -- circles, triangles, trees, stars, etc.
*Punch a hole in the top of the card.
*You (or your older child) can then write one of your new year's resolutions/predictions/wishes on the blank side of the card, along with their name and date.
*Thread the ribbon through the hole and hang it on your tree or window. When you put your holiday decorations away, store these, too. Next year, when you take them out you can see which resolution you stuck with, which predictions came true, and which wishes were granted!

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    The image above is courtesy of World Outreach Ministries in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.