Name Games, Part 1

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March 8 is "Fun Facts About Names Day" so we are reposting two great name activities for you to do with your preschooler!

All Preschoolers are proud of learning to recognize and write their names. Children should learn to write their names using an upper case letter for the first letter and lower case letters for the rest. If they use all upper case letters it is a hard habit to break as they get older. Here are some activities to help them master these skills: Name Puzzles, Name Comparison, and Letter Sort.

What You’ll Need:
*Styrofoam meat tray

Preparation for Name Puzzles:
*Wash and dry the Styrofoam tray thoroughly.
* Trim off the edges of the tray and write the name leaving spaces between the letters.
*Cut out puzzle shapes so that each letter is on its own puzzle piece.

Activity for Name Puzzles:
*Show your child the completed Name Puzzle and say each letter out loud. Put the pieces into an envelope. Clearly write your child’s name on the front of the envelope. (S)He can use the envelope as a model. Allow your child to complete the Name Puzzle.

Preparation for Name Comparison:
*Make a grid on a piece of paper that has enough boxes across to fit the longest name in your family and enough rows down to fit each person in the family.

Activity for Name Comparison:
*Write the names of the people in the family putting a letter in each box. Compare the names of the people in the family.
• Whose is the longest?
• Whose is the shortest?
• Whose has more than one of each letter?
• Which names have some of the same letters?

Preparation for Letter Sort:
*Take one piece of paper and draw a large smiley face or thumbs up on it. Take a second piece of a paper and draw a large sad face or thumbs down on it.
*Cut a piece of paper into squares – one for each letter in your child’s name plus a few more. Write each letter clearly on the square.

Activity for Letter Sort:
*Have your child sort which letters are in his/her name and put them on the smile or thumbs up paper. Have him/her put the other letters on the sad or thumbs down paper.
*Have your child arrange the letters on the smile or thumbs up paper in order and glue them down.

Suggested Resources:
*Mommy Doesn’t Know My Name by Suzanne Williams
*Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes

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