Memorial Day Wind Sock

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Show your patriotic side this Memorial Day with this American flag wind sock! (We adapted this idea from one we saw in Family Fun magazine.)

What You’ll Need:
*Tyvek mailing envelope (one per craft – those plastic-coated large white envelopes – you only need the inside, so it doesn’t matter if the outside has been used)
*Red & blue paint
*Plastic Cup
*Hole punch

*Cut the envelope open and then cut in half.

*Trim as needed to make two same-size rectangles.

*Paint an American flag or other patriotic design on the inside of each rectangle. Leave about one inch of white space on the left side of one flag and the right side of the other. Allow to dry completely.

*Glue the two flags together along the top and bottom only – leave the sides open. Allow to dry completely.

*Cut about a 1 inch ring from the top of the plastic cup.

*Slide it into the side opening which you left unpainted. Fold over the envelope and glue in place. Use clothespins or paper clips to hold in place and allow to dry completely.

*Remove the clothespins or paper clips and punch two holes on opposite sides of the plastic cup ring. Tie the yarn in the holes to make the hanging loop.

*Send us a picture of your wind sock and we may post it to our site!

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