Matching Mittens: Book, Craft, & Activity

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Read The Mitten by Jan Brett. Then, make and decorate mittens, and do some fun educational activities. If you like this craft, check out Jimmy's Boa Book & Craft.

What You’ll Need:
*The Mitten by Jan Brett, optional
*Cardboard – such as an old cereal box
*Construction paper
*Crayons, markers, stickers

*Trace a mitten shape around your child’s hand on the cardboard. Cut it out and use it as a pattern to cut out multiple mittens from different colored construction paper.

*Read The Mitten aloud together. (As with all of our Book Club posts, reading the book is not required to do the activity. However, we always post a link at the bottom of the post to purchase the book very inexpensively and they can almost always be found at your local library.) Talk about what might happen to your mittens when they are lost. Talk about the different animals that enjoy the mitten.
*Decorate your mittens with stripes, spots, stars, and other patterns.
*Try these fun educational activities with your mittens:
--Sort the mittens by base color.
--Match the similar patterns together (all the striped mittens, all the spotted mittens, etc.)
--Take two mittens with different patterns and ask your child to name all the ways the mittens are different and all the ways they are the same.
--Flip the mittens over so that the decorated sides face down. Play a memory game.
--Draw a picture, or cut out of magazines, of each of the animals in The Mitten. As you glue each one onto your mitten, make the sound that animal would make.
*Send us a picture of your mittens and we may post it to our site!

Suggested Resources:
*The Mitten 20th Anniversary Editionat
*Make real mittens with this easy, kid-friendly pattern.

This activity can be found in the Book Club section of our site.