Martin Luther King, Jr. Day -- Dream Journal

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January 18, 2010 is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. With his “I Have a Dream” speech, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. inspired millions and changed our nation. Celebrate his ideas and dreams by listening to or reading his famous speech (link below), and then creating a dream journal with your children. Have them write or draw pictures of their hopes and dreams and maybe they will be the next to change our world!

What You’ll Need:
*Construction paper
*White paper or notebook paper
*Stickers, paints, glue, markers, etc.
*Hole punch
*Yarn or ribbon

*Talk with your children about who Martin Luther King, Jr. was and explain to them the circumstances surrounding his speech.
*With older children, talk about segregation and the ways America has changed since Martin Luther King, Jr.’s time.

*Listen to or read Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous speech by going to .
*For each journal, cut one piece of construction paper in half – these will be the covers of your journal. Decorate the front cover with stickers, paint, markers, etc.
*Cut the white paper or notebook paper in half. Place in between the covers.
*Lining up both covers and all the paper in between, punch two holes on the left side.
*Use the yarn or ribbon to “bind” the journal together.

Don't forget to send us a picture of your version of our craft: -- we may post it on our site!

Suggested Resources:
American Rhetoric -- Find Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech and others included among their top 100 speeches.
The Story of Martin Luther King Jr. -- at . A simple board book for young children to understand the life of this great man.

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