Mother's Day: Garden Tubs & Gloves

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Does that special Mom in your life love to garden? If so, she’ll LOVE this gift – a garden tub that you can customize before filling it with all new garden tools, including these great customized gardening gloves! Perfect for Moms and Grandmothers, too.

What You’ll Need:
*Garden Tub (we found this great flexible tub at Walmart & Dollar Tree; metal tubs work well, too)
*Gardening gloves
*Paint (not washable)
*3-D fabric paint (also called "puffy" paint)
*Garden tools to fill up your tub

*Clean and dry the outside of the garden tub.

*Paint your design right on the garden tub. You can even use stamps or stencils if you’d like. Or paint your kids hands and have them put handprints all over the tub in different colors. Allow to dry.
*Use the fabric paint to paint a design on the inside (palm-side) of the gardening gloves. Once dry, these will help act as a grip for pulling out weeds. Keep in mind that the thicker you put on the 3-D paint, the longer it will take to dry.
*Fill your garden tub with whatever new garden tools she’ll need for her garden this year.
*Send us a picture of your garden tubs and gloves and we may post it to our site!

This activity can be found in the Holiday section of our site.