Patriotic T-Shirts

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Make these cute t-shirts just in time to celebrate Memorial Day in May or Independence Day in July. They’ll look so great, your kids will wear them all summer long!

What You’ll Need:
*1 t-shirt, 1 tank top or 2 tank tops (one should be red and one should be blue)
*Star or heart template, see attachments below (optional)
*Sharp scissors
*Need and white thread

*Wash and dry both shirts according to instructions.
*Decide on the design of your shirt. We chose two simple examples – the heart and the star – but you can come up with your own design. If you are using our templates, print out either the MS Word OR PDF file and cut them out.

*Trace the outline of the design on the top shirt/tank using chalk. Use the scissors to carefully cut out the design.

*Have your child put on the both shirts, the shirt with the design on top. Carefully pin the two shirts together around the design. Also pin along the side seams to help keep the shirts together when you take them off. Carefully pull the shirts off together.

*Leaving the shirts pinned together and right-side-out, sew the two shirts together by creating a ¼ inch border around each cut out shape. If you’d like a more bold look with the thread, use embroidery floss instead of thread. Take out the pins.

*Optional: We like the idea of layering the shirts, so we left ours as 2 distinct shirts sewn together. However, if this is too bulky, once you have finished sewing around the cut outs, turn the shirts inside-out and trim the excess fabric from the bottom shirt, leaving a ½ inch border outside the stitched lines.

*Send us a picture of your shirts and we may post it to our site!

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This activity can be found in the Holidays section of our site.

July4ShirtTemplate.doc151.5 KB
July4ShirtTemplate.pdf131.9 KB