Inspire Your Heart with Art

Free Custom Photo Calendars

January 31 is “Inspire Your Heart with Art Day.” Once your child has created an inspirational masterpiece, use our suggestions below for what to do with this fabulous artwork!

What You’ll Need:
*Art supplies

*Have your child create a piece of art or choose one they have done before that is a particular favorite.

*Notecards: Inspire yourself and others by using the artwork to create beautiful custom notecards from (also part of the My Calendar Maker family of sites, like My Activity Maker) – just $7 per box!

*Calendars: Scan in the artwork. If you have just one piece of art, create a FREE yearly photo calendar at (also part of the My Calendar Maker family). If you have multiple pieces of art, create a FREE custom photo calendar at

*Display: Buy an inexpensive frame and matte and hang the artwork in your family room, playroom, or child’s bedroom.

Suggested Resources:
• Don’t forget to send us pictures of your inspirational art! We’d love to see them and we may even post them on our site: -- free custom photo calendars -- free yearly photo calendars -- beautiful custom notecards

This activity can be found in the Arts & Crafts section of our site.