Hooded Towels

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Once my kids grew out of their baby hooded towels, I made them their own! Use any regular size bath towel and hand towel and you’ll have a big kid size hooded towel in minutes! If your older child knows how to use a sewing machine, this is a great, easy craft for them to do on their own. If you like this craft, check out our Beach Towel Poncho -- another great way to keep your kids dry this summer!

What You’ll Need:
*hand towel
*bath towel
*sewing machine (we do not recommend hand-sewing for this craft)

*Wash and dry the towels.

*Fold the hand towel in half horizontally. Turn the folded towel so the open sides of the towel are on top and the fold is on the bottom. Along the right-hand side of the towel, pin the two sides together, curving at the bottom in a slight “J” shape.

*Sew the towel, following the “J” shape of the pins and trim seam to ½ inch. This is the hood of your towel.

*Turn the hood right side out and find the center. Open the bath towel horizontally and find the center. Pin the bottom of the hood to the bath towel, matching the centers.

*Sew the hood to the towel, doubling over the start and end stitches to lock in place.
*Wash the hooded towel again before using.

Suggested Resources:
http://bed-and-bath.smartbargains.com : Great bargain prices on towels!
http://www.customteamtowels.com : Looking for custom towels for your sports team? Provide the artwork or logo and they do the rest!

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