Hands of Love

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A hands-on craft that will make a great Valentine for Mom, Dad, grandparents, teachers – anyone you want to Be Yours this Valentine’s Day!

What You’ll Need:
*red paint
*red marker
*paper towels or baby wipes

*Have your child wash their hands and dry them thoroughly.

*Use the paintbrush to paint your child’s palm and fingers red. If you have a very young child, you may want to do one hand at a time.
*Lay painted hands on paper so that thumbs and forefingers are touching, creating an upside-down heart shape in the center of those fingers as well as around the outside of the hands.
*Allow to dry thoroughly.
*Turn the paper upside down and use the red marker to draw a hear around the outside of the handprints.

Suggested Resources:
• Turn your child’s artwork into notecards you can use all year round. My Notecard Maker is part of the My Activity Maker family of sites.
• Don’t forget to send us pictures of your Hands of Love – we may even post your pictures on our site!

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