Handprint Seasonal Trees

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We created a Fall tree using leaves we picked up outside and tissue paper, but you can create this Handprint Tree for any season!

What You’ll Need:
*Brown paint
*White card stock or construction paper
*Paper towels/wipes
*For Fall trees: small yellow, orange, brown, red leaves; red, yellow, or orange tissue paper, cut into small squares
*For Winter trees: white cotton balls
*For Spring trees: small green leaves, pink or red tissue paper cut into small squares
*For Summer trees: small green leaves

*Spend some time outside collecting leaves for the Fall, Spring, and Summer trees.
*You’ll be painting your child’s hand and arm for the branches and trunk, so you should have the paper towels and/or wipes right beside you as you do this craft.

*Use the paint brush to paint your child’s entire palm and under side of the arm, about 3 to 4 inches. Have your child spread their fingers wide. At the center of the white paper, start with the fingertips and slowly press down from fingers to arm down on the page.

*Clean up while you wait for your tree to dry.
*For the Fall tree: Glue down the tissue paper in various spots around the branches. Glue the leaves on top of and around the tissue paper. Allow to dry completely.

*For the Winter tree: Glue down the cotton balls (“snow”) in various spots around the branches, and on the bottom of the sheet around the trunk. Allow to dry completely.
*For the Spring tree: Glue down the green leaves (not too many – it’s only Spring, after all!). Scrunch up the tissue paper and glue down (“flowers”) around the leaves. Allow to dry completely.
*For the Summer tree: Glue down many green leaves around the branches. Allow to dry completely.
*Send us a picture of your kids and their custom plates we may post it to our site! info@mycalendarmaker.com.

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