Handprint Lilies

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Do you have a favorite type of lily? Orange tiger lilies? White Easter lilies? Yellow day lilies? Make your favorite lily in this hands-on craft that your kids will love to do with you. If you like this craft, check out our Handmade Spring Flower craft.

What You’ll Need:
*white or colored card stock or construction paper (for the lilies)
*green card stock
*Straw, 3 per craft
*yellow pipe cleaner
*hole punch

*Cut the yellow pipe cleaner into three 3-inch strips. The cut ends may be sharp.

*Trace your child’s hand on the colored cardstock 3 times. You can also have them take turns tracing their own hands or yours.
*Cut the handprints out. Using the pencil, curl the “fingers” of the handprint around the pencil to make the lily petals curl out.
*On the green paper draw three sets of leaves and cut them out. Use the hole punch to punch a hole in the center of the leaf cut out.

*Take one of the handprints and wrap it around the top of the straw and secure with tape. Add the leaves under the flower by sliding the bottom of the straw through hole in the green paper.
*Fold the small pieces of yellow pipe cleaner in half and stick the folded end into the opening at the top of the straw. Curl out the edges of the pipe cleaner a bit.
*Repeat with the remaining handprints, straws, and leaves.
*Did you know...Most real lilies grow from bulbs. Explain to your children how bulbs are kind of like an underground energy pouch for the flowers that will eventually grow. In the bulb is all the food the flower will need to grow. Bulbs will form roots as well. Many bulbs will even divide and multiply. Get some summer-flowering bulbs from your local garden store and plant them either outside or in containers. Be sure to give them plenty of sun and water and watch them grow into beautiful flowers!
*Send us a picture of your kids and bouquet of lilies we may post it to our site! info@mycalendarmaker.com.

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