Flower Picture Magnets

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Make these pretty flower magnets using the kids’ pictures. A perfect gift or just to hang on your fridge.

What You’ll Need:
*Leftover wallpaper, greeting card, patterned paper plate (This is for your flower, so you’ll want it to be something colorful. You only need about a 4-inch square per flower.)
*Close-up picture of your child (This needs to fit in the center of your flower -- you’ll want it to be about 2 inches in diameter.)
*Green pipe cleaner
*Self-stick magnet strips

*You can cut the wallpaper, greeting card, or paper plate into a 4-inch square to make it a bit for your child to cut out the flower. You can also trace around the picture to give your child a guideline for cutting.

*Cut the wallpaper, greeting card or paper plate into a flower shape.
*Cut the picture into a circle about 2 inches in diameter. Lay it in the center of the flower. Cut more if needed to fit in center. Glue picture to center of flower.
*Take the pipe cleaner and in the center, create two “bunny ears” and twist around the “stem” once or twice to keep the shape. These will become the leaves. Tape the pipe cleaner to the back of the flower.
*Peel the backing off the self-stick magnet and stick to the back of the flower. You may need multiple strips for it to stay up on the fridge.

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