The Hat Book & Craft

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Read The Hat by Jan Brett -- a story about a silly hat. Then, make your own silly fleece hat. If you like this craft, check out our No-Sew Fleece Blankets craft which uses the same materials.

What You’ll Need:
*The Hat by Jan Brett (you can still do the activity without the book)
*Fleece (1/2 yard of fabric will be enough for two hats)
*Needle & thread or sewing machine

*Cut the fabric into a 13x22 inch rectangle so the stretch of the fabric is on the longer side. (These measurements will fit most young children. If you are making the hat for a teenager or adult, you’ll want to make it bigger.)

*Read The Hat aloud together. What types of clothing do you wear when going outside in the winter?
*Lay your fleece rectangle so the long sides are the bottom and top. Fold up the bottom about one inch and pin. Sew to create a hemline.

*Fold the rectangle in half, and pin the short edges together. (With the seam from the hemline facing out.) Gently fit the hat over your child's head to be sure it fits. If not, adjust the pins so the hat fits snugly.

*Sew along this line to create a tub. Leave it folded and cut a 3-inch fringe on the top of the hat (the opposite side of the hemline), cutting through both sides of fleece at once.

*Turn inside out. Cut a thin, 4-inch piece of fleece off of one of your scraps. (We used a different color fleece in the photo to make it stand out.) Gather the fringe and tie the scrap piece around it.

*Send us a picture of your hats and we may post it to our site!

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