Fall and Your Five Senses

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Fall is a wonderful time of year to experience nature with your children. Help your children explore this season by using their five senses.

What You’ll Need:
*Outdoor spot with trees
*Nice Fall day
*Seasonal fruits and vegetables (apples, pumpkin, squash, etc.)

*Talk about the five senses with your child: sight, sound, smell, touch, taste.

*Go outside. Using their eyes, your child can observe the changes to the leaves and trees. They can observe the way the branches grow on different trees and imitate this with their arms. If it is a windy day, they can wave their arms in sync with the branches.
*Using their ears, they can listen to the sounds of the leaves on the ground when they step on them or crunch them in their hands. Listen to the leaves rustle as a breeze blows them. Listen to the sound of acorns dropping.
*Using their noses, they can smell the leaves. Compare the leaves from different trees. Smell the dirt and any fall flowers.
*Using their hands, and fingers, feel the leaves. Compare the leaves from different trees. Compare the feeling of new leaves and dry, old leaves. Have your child crunch leaves in their hands.
*Rake a pile of leaves and have the children use four senses (sight, sound, smell, and touch) to enjoy this fall favorite!
*Using their mouths, taste seasonal fruits and vegetables and compare.

Suggested Resources:
http://taledo.tripod.com/Our5Senses/ : A great site with many easy, fun activities for using the 5 senses.
http://science.pppst.com/fivesenses.html : Free PowerPoint presentations on the 5 senses – great for teachers!

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