Father's Day Memory Book

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Use old pictures of friends and family to create a memory book for Dad this Father’s Day. If you like this craft, check out our Create a Storybook -- another great Father's Day gift idea.

What You’ll Need:
*Heavy cardstock
*Hole Punch
*Yarn or ribbon

*Decide on the photos you would like to use for your book. Consider making color copies of those photos you do not want to cut up or photos you want to reduce or enlarge in size.
*Decide on the number of pages. If you are doing this with younger children, we recommend having at least one "theme" page per child.

*Use your photos, markers, and crafty scrapbooking skills to create pages for your book. We recommend using themes such as “I love my Daddy because…” and letting your children fill in the rest. Other ideas are “Remember when…” or “My favorite memory with Dad is…”
*Don't forget to make a cover!
*Punch holes at equal intervals along the left side of the pages -- be sure they all line up -- and then "bind" your book with yarn or ribbon.
*Send us a picture of Dad with his memory book and we may post it to our site! info@mycalendarmaker.com.

Suggested Resources:
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This activity can be found in the Holidays section of our site.