Dry Erase Word & Story Boards

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Make these dry erase word & story boards to work with your children on reading, writing, letter recognition, site words, sentence structure, and more! If you like this craft, check out our Cookie Sheet Reading activity – another fun way to get kids reading.

What You’ll Need:
*White cardstock paper
*Story board template (see attachments below) OR ruler, pencil, & black marker
*Clear contact paper or laminating sheets
*Dry erase markers

*If using the templates, print them out on white cardstock by clicking on the attachments below.
*If not using the templates, use a ruler to make lines with pencil on your paper. For younger children, create dotted lines in between two solid lines to help them with letter formation. Trace the pencil lines with black marker.
*Use laminating sheets or clear contact paper to laminate the paper.

*For letter recognition and formation: Use dry erase markers to write one letter on each line. Make sure to form it properly so your child can copy it. Say the name of the letter and the sound it makes. While your child works on writing more of the same letter on the line, talk about what words begin with that letter. Have your child use the dry erase markers to draw a picture in the blank space at the top.
*For site word recognition, writing, spelling, and basic reading: Use dry erase markers to write one simple word. Have your child read the word with you, sounding it out. Name each letter in the word. Have your child copy the word multiple times, then cover the board and see if (s)he can spell it without looking. Have your child use the dry erase markers to draw a picture of that word.
*For sentence structure and creative writing: Have your child use dry erase markers to write a short story. Have a one or two sentence beginning, one or two sentence middle, and one or two sentence end. You can also write a one sentence beginning and let them add two or three details, then an ending. Have your child draw a picture of the story in the blank space at the top.

*For older children (8 years and up), you can play a fun game with your story boards. You start by writing down a word that would begin a sentence. Your child then comes up with the next word in the sentence and writes it down. Now, back to you to write down the third word. Keep going until you have some silly sentences and a crazy story!
*Send us a picture of your story boards and we may post it to our site! info@mycalendarmaker.com.

Suggested Resources:
*Our three-part – Our Name Games activity focuses on name recognition for preschoolers.
*What Kind of Dinosuar is a Thesauraus? by My Activity Maker is a great way to teach synonyms and antonyms.

This activity can be found in the Games & Activities section of our site.

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