Dreidel Game

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It’s almost time for Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights. One of the most beloved traditions at this time of year is the Dreidel Game. Kids of all ages, nationalities, and faiths will enjoy this fun, easy game.

What You’ll Need:
*Dreidel letter guide (see attachment below)
*Pennies, candies, or beans (for “betting” -- you’ll need about 10 per child)

*Print out the Dreidel Letter Guide attachment below (PDF OR MS Word version)
*Point out the four Hebrew letters on the dreidel – Nun, Gimel, Hay, Shin. Go over the dreidel letter guide with the children.
*Practice spinning the dreidel.
*Have the players sit around a table. Give out 10 pennies, candies, or beans per child and have them keep them in a pile in front of them.

*Each player puts one penny, candy, or bean into the center of the table (the “pot”).
*The youngest player goes first and spins the dreidel. Find the letter that is facing up in the dreidel letter guide and follow the instructions.
*Each player puts one penny, candy, or bean into the pot. Play continues clockwise and the next player spins the dreidel and follows the instructions.
*A player is “out” when they run out of pennies, candies, or beans. A player “wins” when they have the whole pot or when they are the last player left.

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