Columbus Day Paper Plate Boats

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This Columbus Day, create these quick and easy paper plate boats while learning about the famous explorer.

What You’ll Need:
*Paper plates, 1 per boat
*Marker/Crayons/Colored pencils, stickers, etc.
*Straws, 1 per boat
*Construction paper

*Cut your paper plates in half. Cut a triangle out of the construction paper to create a sail.

*Have your child decorate what would have been the bottom of the plate by coloring, or with stickers.
*Tape the two halves together along the rim to create the boat.
*Tape the straw to the inside of the top of the boat to create the mast.
*Decorate the sail by coloring or with stickers.
*Tape the straw to the back of the sail.

*Send us a picture of your kids and their paper plate boats we may post it to our site!

Suggested Resources:
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*Paper Plate UFOs -- another great paper plate craft from

This activity can be found in the Holidays section of our site.