Color Game

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Stuck waiting at the doctor’s office? Standing in line for the flu shot? Here’s a fun easy game that you can play with your kids while waiting for just about anything! Great for when you are stuck in traffic, too.

What You’ll Need:
*Just yourselves!

*For younger kids, go over primary and secondary colors.

*Decide who will go first. That person chooses a color. Starting with that person, everyone goes around and names something they can see that has this color on it.
*A person gets “out” if they repeat an object or if they can’t come up with anymore. The last person still able to find something wins that round.
*Repeat with the next person choosing a different color.
*If you play this game in the car or other moving vehicle, you may want to create a rule that you can only name an object if everyone can see it at the time of your turn.

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