Coffee Filter Ghost Garland

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Make this spooky ghost garland out of coffee filters and get your house or classroom ready for Halloween!

What You’ll Need:
*Coffee filters
*Cotton balls
*Rubber bands
*Black marker
*Large plastic needle
*Embroidery thread

*Place a cotton ball in the center of each coffee filter and gently gather the coffee filter’s ruffled edges together, encasing the cotton ball and making the head of your ghost. Secure with a rubber band. Draw faces on your ghosts
*Once all your ghosts have been completed, thread the needle with embroidery floss. You’ll want to thread each ghost onto the floss at the center of the head (Imagine where the “ears” would be.) You want all your ghosts facing the same way. Now hang and enjoy!
*Send us a picture of your ghost garland and we may post it to our site!

Suggested Resources:
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This activity can be found in the Holidays section of our site.