Christmas Handprint Wreath

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A “hands-on” craft that kids will love to take part in. You can have the children do the design right on the shirt. We recommend doing the wreath on a piece of bright white cardstock paper and then scanning it in. That way you can resize the wreath and print on iron-on transfers for multiple uses – shirts, bags, aprons, etc. (all ages)

What You’ll Need:
*Green & Red paint (if you plan to paint right on the fabric, make sure you use a paint that won’t wash off)
*Hands & Fingers
*T-shirt, bag, etc. (Only if you plan to create the wreath right on the fabric)
*Baby wipes or paper towels for clean up
*If you plan to scan the artwork and print it on iron-on transfers, you will need a scanner, printer, and iron-on transfers compatible with your printer.

*If you are painting directly on fabric, you should wash and dry the item prior to painting.

*Pick the person with the largest hands and have them go first. Use the paintbrush to paint the person’s hand with green paint. We have found this is less messy and less wasteful than placing a hand in a plate full of paint.
*Gently place the hand down on the paper so that the bottom of the hand will be making the inner circle of the wreath and the fingers will be making the outer circle. Press gently along the whole hand. Continue this pattern in a circle, leaving space between handprints if multiple people will be creating the wreath. Repaint hands as often as necessary to have a consistent handprint. Allow paper or fabric to dry. Clean paint off hands as soon as possible.
*The person with the smallest hands will make the “bow” at the top of the wreath. Paint their hands with red paint. The left hand will make the RIGHT side of the bow, the the thumb pointing to the bottom right corner of the paper. The right hand will make the LEFT side of the bow, the thumb pointing to the bottom left corner of the paper.
*Dip fingertips only in red paint and put clusters of red berries throughout the wreath.
*Once the wreath is dry, you will be able to scan it in and print it onto iron-on transfers. You can then iron the design on to most fabrics.

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