Chores Chart Made Simple

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Now that the kids are back to school, it’s also time to for them to get back to responsibilities at home! Make chores around the house easier to keep track of with this simple chores chart.

What You’ll Need:
*Chores List document (MS Word or PDF version below) – 1 per child
*Laminating Sheets
*Stick-on Magnets
*Dry erase marker

*Print out one copy of the Chores List document below (either MS Word or PDF version) per child.

*If this is your first time introducing chores to your children, talk with them about the idea of responsibility and why you feel it is important for them to help around the house first. Here are some questions you should ask yourself or your children when coming up with your chores and rewards:
--What chores should you be able to reasonably complete each day?
--What chores should you complete if you have time?
--What chores can you do to earn extra rewards on a daily or weekly basis?
--What type of reward would you like to have? (Examples: money, TV/Video game time, point system, etc.)
--How often will you be “paid” this reward? (At the end of each day/week?)
--Are there any chores that MUST be completed each day?
--Are there any consequences if certain chores are not completed?
*Once you have decided on your chores and rewards, fill out the chart.
*Laminate the chart, following the directions with the laminating sheets. Stick the magnets to the back of the chart.
*Use the dry erase marker to check off chores as they are done each day. Erase at the end of each week and start again.

Suggested Resources: - Article on why chores are important with suggestions for chores at various ages. - Best-selling authors of the What to Expect… series weigh in on chores for toddlers.

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