Bingo Dot Cherry Tree

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We cannot tell a lie! These bingo dot cherry trees are a fun way to celebrate George Washington’s birthday. Don’t have a bingo dauber? That’s OK – use a Q-tip or fingertip and red paint instead.

What You’ll Need:
*Tree template, one per child, see attachments below
*Green & brown crayons or colored pencils
*Red bingo dauber (available at most dollar stores) OR Q-tip and red paint

*Print out one template per child – see attachments below.

*Using the brown & green crayons or colored pencils, color in your tree.
*Use the bingo dauber or Q-tip and red paint (or even your fingertip and paint!) to make “cherries” on your tree.
*Don’t forget to tell the famous story of George Washington and the cherry tree (see links below).
*Send us a picture of your cherry tree and we may post it to our site!

Suggested Resources:
• Tell your child the story of George Washington & the cherry tree.
• But is the story really true? Get the facts here.
Row, Row, Row the Boats: A Fun Song About George Washington Crossing the Delaware (Fun Songs) at

This activity can be found in the Holiday and Arts & Crafts sections of our site.

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