The Cat's Meow?

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Today, January 22, is “Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day”! Make these cute cat masks with your children, then take turns answering each other’s “cat questions”.

What You’ll Need:
*Paper Plate
*Construction paper (a small square to use for the ears and nose)
*Hole punch or sharp pencil

*Trim around the edge of your paper plate to make a circle that is about the diameter as your child’s face.
*If you have a very young child, you may want to cut the eyes and mouth out of the paper plate for them.

*Using construction paper, cut out two triangle ears and one smaller triangle nose.
*If you haven’t already, cut out eyes and a mouth on the paper plate.
*Use crayons/markers to add details to your cat – eyelashes, stripes, spots, etc.
*Glue or staple the ears to the top of the paper plate. Glue the nose in the center.
*Cut 6 pieces of yarn – each about 3 inches long. These will be the whiskers – glue them in diagonal lines coming out from the nose. Trim the edges if necessary so they don’t hang off the edge of the plate. Allow the glue to dry.
*Punch a hole on each side of the mask. Tie a piece of yarn to one side and have your child hold the mask in place while you then tie the other side.
*Now that you have your cat masks ready, you can start asking each other questions! To get into cat mode, have your child pretend to be a cat first – crawl on all-fours, meow, etc. Here are some great “cat” questions you can ask:
--What are your favorite things to eat?
--What do you like to do while we are away during the day?
--What do you like to do while we are sleeping?
--What are your favorite toys?

Suggested Resources:
Cat Matching Game -- Play this free online game and see if you can match the cats! -- A very clever site for kids that combines Math and cats!

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